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Example Computer Build Page One

New PC Components
The first step to assembling our new computer is to purchase all of the required components.
Computer Case
Start by removing the computers case from its box.

Remove the Sidecovers
Remove the sidecovers, usually done by removing two screws on the back of the case and remove the fitting kit you will find inside.
Lay the case on its side
Lay the case on its side as pictured so that the motherboard can be mounted. This is generally the side that we work on a computer from as it has the easiest access to all components.

Remove the cases backing plate
Most cases come with a backing plate thats fairly universal however in our computer build here the external connectors on the motherboard did not quite line up. Remove the existing backing plate by removing the two screws as pictured.
Backing plate goes here.
This will leave a rectangular sized hole for the new backing plate which comes with our mainboard. We will not install the backing plate at this point however as it can get in the way a little in the next few steps. To install it press it into the hole from the inside of the case.

Unpack the motherboard
Now its time to open up the motherboards box and see whats inside. Most motherboards come with SATA, IDE and floppy disk cables, some come with a molex to SATA power adaptor, a backing plate, drivers disks and of course, a motherboard
Check which holes align for the standoffs
The motherboard does not screw directly into the case, there are brass or plastic standoffs that hold the motherboard in position about 8mm from the side of the case. Lay the motherboard in position inside the case and check which holes on the board line up with the screw holes on the case. Mark them with a texta if you have problems remembering.

Screw in the standoffs
Screw the standoffs into the case taking care not to overtighten them. I tend to screw them in as tightly as I can with my fingers and leave it at that.
Install the Backing plate
Install the backing plate by pushing it into the backing plate hole. Most of them clip in though a small number of cases may need them to be screwed in.

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