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Install the CPU
Before putting the mainboard into the case it can be wise to install the CPU, cooler, and RAM. First start by installing the CPU into its socket, which can be found in greater detail in the CPU section.
Install The heatsink and fan.

Then install the CPU heatsink and cooling fan, also covered in the CPU section.

Install the Memory
Install the RAM onto the mainboard by corectly orienting it in its slot and pressing firmly but gently. This is covered in greater detail in the RAM section.
Plug in the CPU cooler fan
Importantly, dont forget to plug the CPU cooler fan into the correct header of the mainboard.

Lay the mainboard  inside the case
Lay the mainboard inside the case and check that everything lines up correctly, particularly the standoffs.
Tighten the screws to hold the mainboard in place
If everything looks good insert and tighten the screws that hold the motherboard in place into the standoffs.

The 5.25 inch drive bays from behind.
The Optical drive is next. Looking from the inside of the case you can see that most cases have plates left from the manufacturing process that may block your path. You chould be able to wiggle it lose or cut it with snips if all else fails.
Remove the faceplate.
The plastic faceplate is usually held in by clips that should pop loose very easily. Remove the one corresponding to the drive bay you intend to use.

Insert the drive into the case.
Insert your CD or DVD drive into the case taking care that it is right side up.
Install and tighten the screws.
Insert and tighten the screws that hold the CD or DVD drive to the case.

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