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Useful Computer Websites

Computer Networking

DIY Networks provides an excellent overview of computer networking. Both wired and wireless networks are covered with screenshots and tutorials describing common device configuration. Computer configuration is also well covered with tutorials on the configuration of Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

DIY Wireless focuses specifically on creating your own wireless network yet includes pages covering wired networks and basic networking as well. DIY Wireless makes wireless networking easy so you can do it yourself.

DIY Wireless Link instructs the reader on how to create a low cost and effective point to point wireless link. If you need to join two locations together, whether they are a few metres or several kilometres apart DIY Wireless Link will explain what equipment is required, how it is configured and what factors will determine the success of your point to point link.

How to Register a Domain Name takes the confusion out of registering a domain name for business or private use. Covers all topics from registration of your domain to delegation, hosting, DNS servers and web design.

Linux Server How To is a series of independently written Linux How To's that teach the reader in plain language how to configure and manage a Linux server. Additional Linux server how to's are included from the Linux Documentation Project wherever possible to enhance and reinforce the readers learning experience.