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Change the Date and Time on Windows 7

Changing the date and time on Windows 7 is easily performed through Date and Time Settings. If, after you change the date and time on your PC, you find that after switching the computer off and then switchng it back on again the date has reverted to some time in the past it may be an indicator that the computer is unable to keep track of the time when it is switched off. This is usually caused by the battery on the motherboard being flat, preventing the BIOS clock from continuing to tick while the machine is powered down. These batteries are not rechargable and are similar to the battery in a digital watch though somewhat larger. Once it is flat it must be replaced.

To change the date and time on Windows 7 click on the time on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Click on the Time
Above the time a calendar and clock will appear and on the bottom will be a link to change time and date settings. Click on change time and date settings. Click Change Time and Date Settings
On the Date and Time tab you will see two buttons, one being Change Date and Time and the other being Change Time Zone. To change the date and time simply click on the change date and time button. If your timezone is set incorrectly on the machine click change time zone. Click Change Time and Date
On the Date and Time Settings screen you can select the correct day of the month by clicking on it with your mouse. If the month is wrong you will see two arrows, one on either side of the month. Click on the left one to go back and the right hand one to go forward. The time is displayed as Hour:Minute:Seconds:AM/PM, click on the one you want to change and click on one of the arrows to the right of the time to change it. The up arrow moves the time ahead and the down arrow moves it back. Once you have set the time correctly click ok the bottom of the screen and ok once again on the bottom of the previous screen. Click to Change Time