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How to Change Your Homepage on Internet Explorer 8

Your homepage is the very first page that Internet Explorer goes to when you first open it up. Internet Explorer version 8, sometimes referred to simply as IE8, is the second of Microsofts web browsers to support tabbed browsing, where you can have multiple web pages open at the same time on their own tab. A very pleasing upshot of this is that you can have multiple home pages set for different tabs in your browser.

Windows 7 shipped with Internet Explorer 8 however earlier versions of Windows may have IE8 installed on them through Windows updates. If you are unsure of what version of Internet Explorer you have click on help and then about Internet Explorer and this will tell you what version is installed.

To change your homepage open up Internet Explorer in your normal fashion and then click on tools on the top right hand corner of Internet Explorer then select and click on Accounts. If you cant find tools press the left ALT key on your keyboard and an additional menu will appear under the address bar that will include tools as one of its items. Click on Tools then Internet Options

A new screen called Internet Options will appear. Internet Options can be used to configure and alter several aspects of your Internet Connection and is not limited to Internet Explorer. The option to change your homepage is at the very top of the first tab of Internet Options. Internet Options

Change Your Homepage Tabs

On the very top of the General tab you will see the homepage section. Type the address of the webpages you would like to have as homepages into the white box, giving each page its own line. You dont need to add the http:// as it will automatically be added for you.

There are three buttons on the bottom of the home page section of Internet Options, Use Current adds the page you are currently viewing as a homepage tab, Use Default restores the default homepage that IE ships with and Use Blank will give you a blank page.

Once you have typed in the webpages that you would like to use as homepages click the OK button on the bottom of Internet Options. You can test them by clicking on the home button in Internet Explorer or by closing Internet Explorer and reopening it. Click OK