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How to Set up Your Email Account on Windows Live Mail

With the menu bar revealed you will see File, Edit, View, Go, Tools, Actions and Help as menu items appear on the menu bar at the top of Windows Live Mail. Click on tools then accounts. Click on tools then accounts

If you already have accounts configured in Windows Live Mail you will see the screen pictured to the right. If this is the first account you are configuring you will automatically be presented with the screen on the next step and can proceed from there.

If Windows Live Mail has already been configured with an email account click on Add and proceed to the next step. You can also remove an existing account by clicking on it to highlight it and select remove from the menu on the right of the screen.
Click on Add

You will be prompted to select an account type. Click on Email Account to highlight it and then click next. Select account type

You will then be prompted to enter your email account information and it should be entered exactly as provided by your ISP or mailserver administrator or it may not work correctly. Type your full email address into the email address field, your password into the password field and a display name into the display name field. A display name is a friendly name that is presented to the recipient of the email to show who it is from. You can use your first name or full name or whatever your preference. Click Next when you are satisfied with the information you have entered. Type In Your email account details

You may also need to type in your mail server information. The first drop down menu selects the mail server type, either pop3, http or imap. Type the name or IP address of your incoming mailserver into the incoming server field. Most mail servers use clear text authentication in the Log on using drop down box however check with your mail server admin if you are unsure. If your Login ID or email username as it is sometimes called is different to the first part of your email address you can change it here. Finally, type the name of your outgoing mailserver into the outgoing server field. Click Next. Type In Your Email Password

The next screen will inform you that you have successfully entered in the information required to set up your account. Click the finish button and your email account should be ready to use. Type in server information