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Windows 7 Installation

You must accept the licence agreement before the Windows 7 installation will continue. The licence agreement is a legally binding contract between yourself and the software vendor and you must agree to it before Windows 7 will install. Click on the box I Accept the Licence Agreement and then click next. f you have a spare afternoon you might considering reading it. Accept the Licence Agreement
For reasons I have never quite fathomed the next two options will be Upgrade or Custom (Advanced). The custom option is the one to click to perform a fresh installation of Windows. It is generally not recommended to upgrade an earlier version of Windows as this can sometimes lead to a buggy installation. Custom installation
You will then be asked Where do you want to install Windows 7. As we are using a blank unformatted disk we can see Disk 0 Unallocated Space displayed and could simply click next and the installer will format it for us and install Windows 7 onto this Disk. Do this if you are using a clean disk, if you have an existing partition and want to make sure your install is clean click on Drive Options instead. Destination Drive
If you did not need to click on Drive Options proceed to the next step, this step is only relevant if you need to remove an existing partition. If you need to remove an existing partition (or several) make sure the relevant partition is selected and then click on the delete button so that your destination drive is marked as unallocated space. Make sure it is highlighted and click next, the setup program will format it for you. Delete old Partitions
The set up program will now start installing Windows 7 onto your computer. This is a lengthy process that is definetely not a spectator sport. Grab a book and your favourite beverage or watch some TV and let the installation run its course. This part of the installation should take between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your computer. Installing Windows 7

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