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Windows 7 Installation

If the computer detects a functional network interface, in our example a network card, you will be prompted for the network location. Your choice here will determine what networking services are available to other computers on the network. Home and Work settings allow file and printer sharing whilst public network closes such services off making your computer more secure. Choose a location that most suits your needs if you are presented with this screen. Network Location
If you have slected Home as your location and the computer detects other Windows 7 computers on the network it may prompt for the homegroup network password and allow you to specify what file types to share. You can skip this step if you dont need or want this feature using the skip button or specify file types and the password to proceed. Share with other computers
The installer program will use the information you have provided to complete setting up your installation of Windows 7. This may take a few minutes. Finalizing Windows 7 Settings
The Windows 7 installation is complete. You may need to install additional drivers for all of your computers hardware to work properly and you will need to reinstall of your programs. Congratulations. Windows 7 installation complete