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Windows Live Mail Installation

You may have programs open such as Internet Explorer that will be modified by the installer program to ensure integration between existing programs and the new ones being installed. Select Close these programs for me and click Continue. Windows 7 will automatically shut these programs down for you. Close Programs
Your computer will start downloading the programs you have selected from the internet and the current page will keep you informed of progress and what components are currently being downloaded and installed. This may take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection and is most certainly not a spectator sport. Consider taking the time to have a stroll in the garden while you are waiting. Installing Programs
When the programs have been downloaded and installed you will be prompted to set your current search provider to bing, set MSN to your home page and to participate in Microsofts continuing strategy of product improvement by anonymously providing data on program performance, bugs etc to Microsoft. Select thos that you are interested in and click Continue. Almost Done installing Windows Mail
You will then be given the option of creating a Windows Live ID if you so wish. Although it is not compulsory they certainly are handy to have at times and this is an opportunity to create one. As we already have a Windows Live ID we clicked Close. Windows Live Mail is now installed and will appear on your start menu under programs. Windows Live Mail Installed

Now that Windows Live Mail is successfully installed on your Windows 7 PC the next task is to configure it so that you can use it with your existing email account. Please consider reading our tutorial on Configuring Windows Live Mail as it will guide you through the configuration process step by step (with screenshots) so that you can send and receive email using Windows Live Mail on your Windows 7 computer.