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Uninstall, Change or Repair a Program on Windows 7

At times it may be necessary to remove, change or repair a program that you have installed on your Windows 7 computer. It doesnt take an expert to uninstall a program and its really easy to do this basic housekeeping task yourself.

Although the focus of this tutorial is on uninstalling a program many programs have the facility to be repaired or changed as well. Programs that have this ability will display additional buttons, change or repair, next to the uninstall button on the top of Programs and Features. If your program has stopped working correctly or does not have a particular element that your require these options may provide the solution to your problem.

To access Programs and Feature, where a program can be uninstalled, click on your Start Menu. Click on the Start Menu

On your start menu on the right hand side about the fifth one from the bottom you will see control panel. Click on control panel. Click on Control Panel

The control panel in Windows 7 is divided into categories and there is currently no classic view available. Categories simplify the ability to locate the particular item within the control panel that we wish to access. Windows 7 Control Panel

In the Windows 7 control panel look for a categories called Programs. Underneath programs you will see Uninstall a program. Click on Uninstall a program and this will open up programs and features. Windows Vista Control Panel - Uninstall A Program

There will be a slight delay while Windows 7 populates the list of programs currently installed on your computer. Once the list has been populated you can select the program you wish to uninstall or modify by clicking on it with your mouse. This will highlight the program and the uninstall, change or repair button will appear on the top of programs and feature if they are available. Programs and Features

For our example we have chosen to uninstall the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant to demonstrate how to uninstall a program. Click on the program you wish to uninstall and the click on the uninstall button. Uninstall a Program on Windows 7

You will then be prompted to confirm that you wish to uninstall the program, after all once its gone it is gone and you need to be sure that is what you want. Click Yes if you wish to uninstall the program. Confirm program uninstallation

The program will then be uninstalled for you and it may take several moments to perform depending on the size of the program. Preparing to Remove

Once the program is removed you will see that it has been removed from the list of installed programs in Programs and Features. Repairs and Changes behave in a similar fashion though you may be prompted for additional information depending on the program. Once you have finished close everything with the X on the top right hand corner and you are done!