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Change the Date and Time on Windows Vista

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a clock that doesnt tell the correct time. If your computers time is really out of touch with reality it can cause issues with the machines operation, a prime example being the inability of windows updates and some programs to install if your time and date are incorrect. If you change the date and time on your computer and it doesnt remember it after the computer has been switched off you may have a seperate problem entirely. Almost all motherboards have a battery that allows the computers internal clock to keep ticking after the machine has been switched off. If this battery needs replacement the PC will not be able to remember what time it is when it is switched off and will reset to sometime in the distance past. If this is what is happening to you, dont dispair, open up your computers case and locate your motherboards battery, remove it and take it to your local computer shop so that they can identify its size and type and supply you a replacement. Have a look at the mainboard in the basic hardware section so you can see what it looks like.

Changing the date and time in Windows Vista is really easy. Click on the time on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Click on the Time
The time and date will be displayed in a box just above the time on the taskbar. On the bottom of this box will be a link to Change Time and Date Settings. Click on this link. Click Change Time and Date Settings
On the Date and Time tab you will see two buttons, one being Change Date and Time and the other being Change Time Zone. If the time zone is incorrectly set on your computer click on the Change Time Zone button and you will be presented with a simple drop down box in which you can select the time zone appropriate for your location. If setting the time is your goal then click on the Change date and time button. Click Change Time and Date
On the Date and Time Settings screen you can select the correct day of the month simply by clicking on it with your mouse. If the month is wrong you will see two arrows, one on either side of the month. Click on the left one to go back and the right hand one to go forward. Changing the time itself is just as easy. The time is displayed as Hour:Minute:Seconds:AM/PM, click on the one you want to change and click on one of the arrows to the right of the time to change it. The up arrow moves the time ahead and the down arrow moves it back. Once you have set the time correctly click ok the bottom of the screen and ok once again on the bottom of the previous screen and you have successfully completed setting the time on Windows Vista. Click to Change Time