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How to Configure Windows Mail on Windows Vista

You will then be asked for a display name. This is a friendly name that appears instead of your email address to show the recipient of the email who its from. Most people would their first name or their name and their significant others name as a display name. If the email address is used formally for work you may prefer to put your full name in the display name field. The display name can have capital letters and spaces in it if you wish. Once you are satisfied with your display name click next. Type your Display Name

Type your email address into the email address field exactly as provided to you by the email server administrator or ISP. If you make a mistake when typing it in anybody who replies to your email will be sending it to the wrong address and it may end up going to somebody else or boundcing back at them. Most email addresses should be in lower case and have no spaces. Click next once you have typed in your email address. Type In Your Email Address

On the email servers set up page select the correct type of incoming mailserver, either pop3 or IMAP. Type the incoming mailserver in to the incoming mailserver field and the outgoing mailserver into the outgoing mailserver field. Once again these details should be typed in exactly as provided to you or they simply will not work. Once you have filled the mail server details in click next. Type In Your Mail Server Addresses

The final details you will be asked for are your Email Username and Password. The username is usually but not always the first part of your email address, the bit before the @ symbol. Your password is whatever you chose or was assigned to you and is hopefully at least 6 charactors long and a mixture of numbers and letters, though this also may not be the case. Once again these details must be filled in correctly and as provided to you or things will not work. Then click next. Type In Your Email Password

Finally, we are presented with a congratulations screen, you have provided the information required to set up Windows Mail on Windows Vista to collect your email. Click on the Finish button and close Internet Accounts if it is still open. Your email should now be ready to use. Click Finish