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Windows Vista Installation

Installing your own operating system is easier than many people might think and can be a valuable skill particularly when dealing with childrens computers and machines that belong to the less computer literate people that walk among us. These machines always seem to need cleaning up more often than the average but regardless of the end user at some point your computer will need to be formatted. Even Microsoft suggest a clean install every twelve months or so will keep your computer performing at its best.

We should perhaps make some common computer terminology a little clearer at this point. Formatting your hard drive refers to a process where all the data and information on the drive is erased and the drive is effectively blank. Installing an operating system such as Windows Vista on the other hand refers to the process of putting a clean new copy of Vista to the computers hard disk.

To install a new copy of Windows Vista you will need an installation disk that contains the basic file system of Vista and an installer program that copies these files onto your machine and initially configures the operating system for you. With the Windows Vista installation disk you should also get a product key, a 25 character long code made up of numbers and letters. This product key is unique to your installation disk and should not be lost.

Formatting your computer and reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows is not for the faint hearted and if done incorrectly will probably render your computer unusable until such time as whatever went wrong is rectified. The instructions on this site assume that you are installing windows onto a new computer however the only difference between a new install and a decent reinstall of windows is the additional step of formatting the drive prior to installation. If you are reinstalling windows you should back up your data first. If you perform any major work on your computer backing up your data onto CD, DVD or USB drive should be your very first step and installing windows definetely counts as major work. If you format your hard drive you will lose all your data.

To commence installing Windows Vista onto your computer your computers BIOS must be set to boot off the CD/DVD drive, that is it will attempt to start the computer from a CD or DVD first and if it is unable to it will then attempt other devices such as the hard disk. When you intend to install Windows Vista on your computer it must be started or booted off the Vista installation disk. From the installation disk it will load the installer program that will guide you through and do the hard work of the actual installation of the new copy of Vista.

So grab your Windows Vista installation disk, make sure your product key is handy and lets jump in and install Windows Vista.