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Windows Vista Installation

The next screen will prompt you to accept the software licence agreement before allowing you to continue. Accepting the agreement acknowledges your rights and limitations when using the software. Read the licence agreement if you dare, put a tick into the box by clicking on it with your mouse and then click next. Accept the licence agreement
If the installer program detects a previous installation of Windows it may present you with an Upgrade or Install option. You may not even see this screen at all on a new hard disk. If you are presented with this choice select Custom and click next and the installation will continue as a clean install. Clean Install or Upgrade?
Next the installer program will ask where you want to install Windows Vista. If this is a clean install on a new or unpartitioned hard disk it will appear as it does in the adjacent image, where the is only one option - Disk 0. You can simply click next and the installer program will do the rest for you. If you click Drive Options the screen will change slightly as below. Select the partition you would like to install windows on.
The Drive Options button will give you additional choices that are more useful for those who are performing a reinstallation rather than a fresh install on a new disk. If you intend to perform a clean install on a disk that has been used before highlight the partition you would like to use and click format. Alternately just delete all existing partitions and allow the installer program to format them for you. Needless to say any data on these formated or deleted partitions will be lost. When you have finished click next. Destination Disk Advanced Options
At this point the installer program should now start to install your fresh copy of Windows Vista onto your destination drive. This process takes a while and is not a spectator sport. At this point go make yourself a serve of your favourite (non-alcoholic) beverage and relax and let the installer do its thing. The machine will report its progress on this screen and the computer will most likely reboot of its own accord several times. Windows Vista Starts to Install
Depending on the speed of your computer it may take quite a while for the installer to copy files and configure your computer. Eventually it will reboot and you will be prompted to type a username for the machine and optionally type in a password. If you decide to type in a password make sure you remember it. You can also select an image that will be displayed at logon with your username and also on the start menu. After Windows is installed
If you choose to have a password for your user account you will be asked to confirm it and also provide an optional password hint to help you if you forget it. Our best advice is not to forget your password. Click next. Confirm Your Password

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