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Windows Vista Installation

The next screen will prompt you to type a network name for your computer and choose a desktop background. Your computers name should be short and descriptive, for example john-pc or downstairs-pc. Click on the desktop background that you prefer and then click next. Type a Network Name and Pick a Desktop Background
You will be prompted to specify what level of automatic updates you would like your computer to perform. It is best to choose the first option, the recommended settings as this will ensure that your computer will automatically download and install all available updates. Updates are made available to increase functionality or to address security issues and they should not be considered trivial. It is best to allow the machine to keep itself up to date. Select your Automatic Update Regimen
The next screen will allow you to set the timezone that machine operates in so that it can adjust for daylight savings automatically. You should also ensure that the date and time are set correctly. Then click next. Select Your Timezone and Set the Time and Date
You will then be prompted to select your location and have three options, home, work or public location. This is not an idle question but one aimed at the security of your computer. If you select home or office then file sharing and printer sharing services are available. Selecting a public location means that these services will not be available to other computers and is aimed a tightening the security of your computer. If in doubt selecting public location is a safe choice. Select Your Location
Finally, the computer will present a thank you screen and at this point you will need to provide no further information for the configuration of your PC. Click next. Windows Vista Configuration Complete
The computer will now conduct a series of tests on itself to determine its performance level. These tests will determine what visual effects are enable on the machine amongst other things. When these tests are complete the computer will then prompt you to log in. Login Screen
After some final self configuration your computer should be ready to use. At this point it is likely that there will be some drivers that will need to be installed and of course all of your programs will be missing too. What you should have now is a bare operating system which will have no antivirus protection and no programs. Installed and Ready For Use