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Change the Date and Time on Windows XP

If we spend hundreds of dollars (or whatever your local currency is) on a computer the very least we can expect it to do is tell us the time. If the date and time are not set correctly on the computer it will disappoint us in this regard but it is a problem that is really easy to fix.

If you change the date and time on your computer and it reverts back to some time in the distant past every time you turn it off you may have a flat BIOS battery. The mainboard or motherboard of your computer has a small battery that keeps the clock ticking when the computer is turned off. Have a look at the mainboard in the basic hardware section so you can see what it looks like. If you clock resets after the computer is turned off try replacing this battery as it may well resolve your problems with inaccurate date and time.

To change the date and time in Windows XP double click on your time which is usually displayed on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Click on the Time
A new screen will pop up titled Date and Time Properties. Changing the date on Windows Xp is really easy, the month and year are drop down menus and you select the appropriate date and year. The day of the month is altered by clicking on the right day. Click Change Time and Date Settings
Changing the time on Windows XP is not very hard at all either, click on the hours, minutes or seconds so that whatever you want to change is highlighted and use the arrow buttons to the right of the time to change it. Click Change Time and Date
You might also wish to click on the Time Zone tab on the top of Date and Time Properties and select the appropriate time zone for your location. If you have changed the date and time click the apply button on the bottom of the screen before you go to time zone. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made click OK on the bottom of the screen. You have successfully changed the date and time on Windows XP. Click to Change Time