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Change the Screen Resolution on Windows XP

Changing the Screen Resolution is accomplished by moving the slider bar underneath the words Screen Resolution with your mouse. The screen resolution is really just the number of dots your computer will draw on the screen (width x height) so a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 means that there will be 1024 dots used to draw the screen accross the monitor and 768 dot used to draw up and down your monitor. Usually your computer will only display possible resolutions that your monitor and video card are capable of displaying. Select the screen resolution you prefer. Windows Xp - Change Screen Resolution

Colour quality is sometimes called colour depth and refers to the number of different colours the computer can draw. Most people select Highest (32 bit) as this gives the highest number of colours. Keep Display Settings

Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made click OK on the bottom of Settings, the computer will apply the new settings and you will see the new screen resolution or colour settings (whatever you changed). Keep Display Settings

A box will pop up asking if you want to keep these settings, click yes if they are acceptable, no if they are not. Keep Display Settings

If you change your resolution, click OK and then your screen goes blank DONT PANIC! Dont touch anything, after 15 seconds if you dont click the yes button on the box that prompts you if you want to keep these display settings (perhaps because you cant see it?) your computer will revert to your previous screen resolution and colour depth and you can try again.