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Windows XP Installation

To install Windows XP first insert your installation disk into your computer while it is starting up. The computer must see the install disk when it starts so you might consider turning the machine on, wait for the first black screen to appear and press the pause key on your keyboard. This will stop the computer from progressing through its start up sequence and it will pause on whatever BIOS screen you paused it on. Open your optical drive and insert the Windows install disk and give the machine about 10 seconds to find out that its there. From this point you might prefer to press the space bar and allow the machine to continue however I usually press CTRL, ALT and DELETE to restart the computer entirely. If you are unfamiliar with this particular key combination hold down CTRL and ALT then press DELETE on your keyboard and the computer should restart and boot off the install disk. The computers BIOS must be set so that the order of devices it will attempt to boot up off has the CD/DVD drive before the hard disk drive.

If the computer boots successfully off the Windows installation disk it will start loading files in preparation for running the installer program contained on the installation disk. You should see a blue screen with Windows Setup on the top left hand corner as pictured here. The white bar on the bottom of the screen will tell you what files it is currently loading. Windows Setup
The computer will take some time to load the files and start the installation program. Once it has done so you will be presented with three choices, to setup windows, repair windows or exit the installer. To setup windows press enter. Welcome to Setup
You will then be presented with the Windows XP licence agreement. Use the page up and page down keys on your keyboard to read the licence agreement if you dare. Press F8 on your keyboard to accept the licence agreement. If you do not accept the licence agreement by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard the installer program will exit. Accept the licence agreement
You will then be prompted to select the partition to install windows onto. As we have a new hard disk in our example install the installer has detected an unpartioned disk and we need only press enter to continue. If this is a reinstall of Windows XP delete your existing partion by pressing D and follow the prompts. If you elect not to format your disk press enter with the appropriate partition selected. Select the partition to install windows on
The installer program has, in our example, asked how we would like to format the disk. Most people would be wise to select Format the partition using the NTFS file system (quick) and then press enter. If you are installing onto an existing partion you will be given an additional option, to leave the current file system unchanged. Format the partition
Setup will format your hard disk and commence copying files to your computer. This may take several minutes depending on the speed of your computer. Setup is copying files

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