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Windows XP Installation

The computer will restart automatically after copying files accross to your hard disk. After this restart it will boot off the hard disk and continue to copy files and settings off the installation CD. Continuing XP installation
Regional and language options allow you to change the way Windows XP displays the date, currency and even the language the operating system uses. If you wish to change the defaults click on the customize button. Regional and Language Options
Because we are in Australia (the most beautiful place to live in the world according to us) we have changed the standards and formats to English (Australia) and our location to Australia. You may wish to change these settings to reflect your own location. Click OK once your are done and the click next on the previous screen. Change your location, standards and formats
Type your name and optionally your organization into the personalize your software screen and click next. Name and Organization
You will then be prompted to type in your product key. Type the product key in exactly as it is shown on the sticker on your computer. B's and 8's can be a little similar looking so check these if it does not accept your product key. Then click next. Type in your Windows XP product key
You will then be prompted for a computer name and administrator password. You need not change the computer name but if you have multiple machines at your location and they are networked you may wish to call it something descriptive like office-computer. When you type in your administrator password you must remember what it is as one day you will likely need to use the administrator account on the PC. You can leave it blank if you prefer. Click Next once you are done. Computer name and Administrator password

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