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Windows XP Installation

Date and Time Settings allows you to change the date, time and time zone on your PC. Make sure these are correct and click next. Adjust the date and time
Once the previous information has been entered the installer program will use the information you have provided to install Windows XP so that it is suitable for your region and language. I will install a number of components at this time and it may take a little while depending on the speed of your computer. Installing Windows XP
When you are prompted with the Network settings screen you will have the option of applying typical settings, which will instruct the computer to obtain its IP address via DHCP, or custom settings, where you may wish to specify an IP address. Typical settings is suitable for most of us. Network Settings
The Workgroup or Domain screen allow you to specify what workgroup or domain the computer shall join once the installation is complete. If you do not use this feature of windows simply click next. If you do not know the workgroup or domain settings consult your networks administrator. Specify your workgroup
Once again the installer program will copy files and setup your computer using the information you have provided. Copying files
The installer program will then endevour to adjust your screen resolution, click OK on the box that says To improve the appearance of visual elements windows will automatically adjust your screen resolution. To improve the appearance of visual elements windows will automatically adjust your screen resolution
If the installer successfully detects your monitor and video card settings you will be presented with a screen prompting you to accept the settings. Click OK on this screen. If the screen goes blank or displays an out of range message simply wait 20 seconds or so and it will revert to the setup screen resolution. Confirm Settings

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