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Windows XP Installation

Congratulations, you are now at the final steps required to complete your installation of Windows XP. Depending on the configuration of your computer you may not see some of the following screens or you may even see some not documented here. Follow the prompts on the screen if that is the case and provide the information that is required. The following page contains the most common final setup screens that you might encounter.

The installer program will now invite you to spend a few minutes setting up your computer. Click next on this screen. Lets spend a few minutes setting up your computer.
You may be asked how your computer connects to the internet and you will be presented with the choice of either DSL or cable modem or via the local area network. The local area network is the safe choice, allowing you to consult your ISP once the installation is completed if you are unsure how to connect your DSL or cable connection up. Internet connection type
You may also be prompted to set up a high speed internet connection. Obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS automatically instruct your computer to be a DHCP client. You may also enter the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers manually if you know what these settings are. Select obtain IP address and DNS automatically if you do not know what to type in here and consult your ISP or network administrator after Windows is installed. Set up LAN or high speed internet connection
If the computer detects an internet connection succesfully you may be able to activate Windows XP immediately, select yes if this is the case. The computer will inform you if its attempt to activate Winodws is unsucessful. Ready to activate windows?
It is very likely you will be asked who will use this computer and you must type in at least one username, which can be anything you like such as your first name and a generic username. If you would like all of the users of the computer to have their own user accounts provide their names in the other username boxes. Who will use this computer?
When you have entered all the information required the computer will present you with a thank you screen. Click next on this. Thank you
After something of a pause the computer should load the Windows XP desktop and your installation of Windows XP itself is complete. You will most likely need to load device drivers at this point and reinstall your programs. Congratulations! Windows XP install complete