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How to Uninstall or Repair a Program on Windows XP

To uninstall a program click on the remove button. Click on the Remove button

It is likely you will be prompted by a dialogue box to make sure you wish to delete the program. Click Yes. Confirm program uninstallation

Once the program is uninstalled successfully you will be informed that this is the case. Click OK to this screen. Program Uninstalled

Programs that have a repair option will have a Change/Remove button instead of a Remove button. When you click on the Change/Remove button you will be given a number of options. In this instance we have an Automatic option, for the automatic uninstallation of the program, a Custom button which depending on the program may allow you to select different components of the program to remove or install and a Repair option, allowing us to repair the program. To repair the program select Repair and click next. Repair a Program on Windows XP

The program we have chosen to repair has a finish button to click before the repair takes place. This, once again, will depend on the program and you may be presented with further options related to the repair of the program and it may even ask you to insert the installation media, the disk the program was originally installed from. Repair a Program

The program will attempt to repair itself. If the repair was successful you will likely see a dialogue box stating that that was the case or it may just return to add remove programs. Either way, you have successfully repaired a program on Windows XP. Repair in Progress